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Unique soil ambassadors

Slate, loess and limestone are the soil types most frequently found in German vineyards.

They are between 10,000 and 400 million years old.

The individual combination of soil type and grape variety determines the unique character and style of our wines.


Our Terroir wines reflect the characteristics of the soil type in the aromatic profile found in the glass.

They literally let you experience the taste of millions of years of history.

Fruity aromas paired with elegant minerality characterise these white wines from different soils.

Trend grape variety Grauburgunder

Wines made from the Pinot varieties, especially Grauburgunder (Pinot Gris), are more popular in Germany than ever before.  The loess soil originated in the last Ice Age, and covered the earth layers of the Urmeer.  This fertile soil still provides ideal conditions for the vines and its excellent water storage capacity means that the vines are always supplied with sufficient water. The Urmeer Löss Grauburgunder reflects this with its fruity, full-bodied style and impressive elegant minerality.