From the grape to the glass our work bears great fruit Quality is at the heart of our approach
Because we unite craftsmanship and expertise

Our employees and partners are experts who complement each other in the best possible way.  Our winemakers, Philipp Closheim and Steffan Haub, have a practised eye and highly-tuned palate, while our experienced wine growers nurture the grapes on the vine. We have been collaborating with numerous wine growers in the largest German wine-growing regions for decades and together we decide the optimum  time to harvest the grapes as this is a critical factor in being able to produce great wine.

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Because we are the fastest

The freshly harvested grapes are pressed in less than three hours thanks to our modern grape transport system, which takes them in a custom-built container to our nearby  vinification centres.  “Just in time!!!”

Short distances – fresh grapes

Because only in this way can the flavours of fresh grapes be preserved in the glass. Thanks to  the short distances the fermentation process of our red wines starts in a controlled manner, which is ideal for  full flavour and tannin development.  Likewise our white wine owes its fine balance between elegant fruit and acidity to rapid processing of the grapes in the vineyard, thereby allowing the aromas to develop their optimum potential  later on.

“No winery is as close to the grapes as Reh Kendermann“
Carl Reh
We act with the greatest care at every stage of production

During the entire fermentation process our winemakers and cellarmasters check the developing wine every day, aided by analyses from our in-house laboratory. Temperature plays a decisive role not only when wine is consumed, but also during its production. This is why regular and careful monitoring of temperature is crucial.  Reh Kendermann was the first large-scale winery to ferment wines at controlled temperatures in Germany.

When the finished young wines have matured, we prepare them for bottling. Some wines are aged in oak to enhance taste and flavour.

We produce wines to meet the exact needs and expectations of our customers.

Our winemakers compose unique blends according to our customers’ specifications.  Whether just an initial idea or a tangible concept – we respond to the vision of our customers by creating wines to meet their needs.  Notwithstanding, every wine is the result of passion, vintage conditions and the experience and insight of our winemakers.

A flexible approach for our business partners
As an experienced partner for contract bottling we develop individual bottling solutions, design labels and choose the best sales options for every product thanks to a close-knit network of reliable trading partners worldwide.

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We go innovative ways

Despite many years of experience we are always looking for new possibilities to optimise production.  Reh Kendermann believes in always looking to improve and enhance the great wines we produce.  Three modern facilities with a production of up to 50 million bottles per year exemplify the success of our approach.

Looks change, but our aspirations to produce always the best never flags.

We fill glass bottles of every size and shape from 18.7 cl to 1.5 litre, and offer bag in box as well as different closure options depending on the wine. Our primary concern is always to ensure our customers receive wine in the best possible condition and this is reflected in all our production processes.

At our different sites we count:
kilos of grapes a day
litres of tank capacity
bottles of wine every day
From Bingen to the world

After despatch our wines finally arrive on the retailers’ shelves. Around the world consumers can find wines from Reh Kendermann which meet their different taste preferences and expectations.

No other German winery delivers so much wine around the globe.  In over 35 countries wine lovers enjoy our premium branded wines and premium own labels.

We are proud that you can taste the results of our passion and precision.

Guarantee of quality

Throughout the entire production process we fully comply with national and international food regulations.

Our wines are carefully checked, and in many instances, our controls exceed legal requirements.  This results in additional quality seals and certificates for our Reh Kendermann winery.