Grape Picker Organic Rosé


Organic products have now become mainstream as the interest in the environment increases. Grape Picker Organic Rosé is a wine to enjoy because, first and foremost, it tastes good – and also because it has the added advantage that it is produced from organically grown grapes.


The grapes came from Rheinhessen, where there is particular interest in natural methods of viticulture. The environmentally friendly methods used to make Grape Picker Organic Rosé are of great benefit to the countryside, especially in artificial monocultures such as vineyards. Only natural fertilisers are used and leguminous plants with a deep root structure are planted inbetween the vines. This means that nitrogen is increased allowing good growth of the vine and that soil erosion is also reduced. Synthetic fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides are not allowed. Pheromone traps and natural predators are used to control the populations of species harmful to the vines and the grapes.

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Exceptional moments

A reunion with friends, a pay rise, an anniversary… Joyful moments should be celebrated, and this excellent wine must not be missing. Enjoy!

Tasty blend showing domestic fruits as well as exotic citrus flavours.




Country of Origin / Region
Germany, Rheinhessen


Quality Classification
Quality Wine

medium dry

Produced from organically grown grapes and suitable for vegans


Steffan Haub

Perfect accompaniment:

Asian cuisineAsian cuisine

Vegetarian cuisineVegetarian cuisine

White meatWhite meat

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