Cabernet Sauvignon


Ebony Vale Cabernet Sauvignon is a nonalcoholic red wine that meets the growing worldwide demand for low or no alcohol wines.
By using very gentle methods, the alcohol is reduced without affecting the quality or structure of the wine and the fruity character remains intact.
The grapes for this wine are harvested early so that sugar levels are not too high and hence potential alcohol is lower. The grapes are pressed gently and then fermented at temperatures of around 30°C for several days to ensure an excellent extraction of colour and soft tannins from the skins. The alcohol is gently removed from the wine by low pressure vacuum distillation. The flavours and aromas of the wine are not harmed as temperatures do not exceed 30°C.

Our range of Ebony Vale wines is vegan.

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Joyful moments

A reunion with friends, a pay rise, an anniversary… Joyful moments should be celebrated, and this excellent wine must not be missing. Enjoy!

Ebony Vale Cabernet Sauvignon is easy-drinking with red berry aromas and soft tannins. It can be drunk as an aperitif or with food such as grilled vegetables, antipasti or pasta with a tomato basil sauce. Enjoy slightly chilled.


Strawberry & RaspberryStrawberry & Raspberry

Country of Origin / Region

Cabernet Sauvignon

Quality Classification
De-alcoholised wine


Wine, but not as you know it: uncomplicated, up-front and imminently drinkable


Philipp Closheim

Perfect accompaniment:

Red meatRed meat

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