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Contract bottling

Rely on our decades of experience for your wine.

Our location

We are close to the Rhine River as the name of the town where our winery is located suggests: Bingen am Rhein.  Thanks to shipping via Rotterdam and Antwerp we are able to transport containers of wine in an environmentally friendly way.  Bottled products also rapidly find their way on shelf thanks to our excellent motorway network access.

Our quality standards

Reh Kendermann guarantees Total Quality Management – from the first product sample through to the dispatch of the finished product.  Highest quality standards at every production stage are our absolute commitment.

Our network

For many years we have been creating, marketing and distributing wines in Germany and around the world.  During this time we have established a comprehensive and reliable network of national and international sales and distribution partners.

Our prices

Thanks to our purchasing association, Reh Kendermann is able to benefit from economies of scale which have a positive effect on the price of our dry materials, such as glass bottles.

Our processes

Reh Kendermann works on a flexible basis with precise and effective planning of logistics processes for wine in containers and bottles. Thanks to just-in-time production we ensure that our national and international customers are guaranteed their preferred collection and delivery times.

Our packaging formats

We offer various packaging options to our partners to meet their individual requirements. Besides glass bottles we offer bag-in-box in different sizes.

Because we always strive to be the best

We are continually working on technical innovations with our suppliers. In doing so we are involved in developing prototypes, jointly creating new ideas to improve production processes and ultimately the wines themselves.

We work sustainably

As a family-run company we have a special focus on sustainable thinking and working. Our constant goals are to save energy and to reduce our CO2 emissions.

Systems of energy analysis show us potential sources for saving energy. We save fuel oil by directly carrying the heat of our pressure compensator to our hot water facility. We receive additional energy efficiency via recirculation of condensate into our heating system. With these measures we save about 30 percent of total energy.

All raw materials in our winery are either from sustainable farming, such as the cellulose paper that we use, or from 100 percent recycled paper – like our cartons.

% of recycled glass
% of fuel oil savings
% of recycled paper



Making contact with us

If you are interested in working with us or have questions on our winemaking and production processes, we would be pleased to help.
We are looking forward to you request.