Piesporter Michelsberg

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The history of the Reh Family as wine growers goes back many centuries. The oldest reports go back about 300 years.
Besides being wine-growers they also were boatsmen on the river Mosel, others worked as blacksmith. They always lived in the area of Leiwen, Mehring and Neumagen, the oldest wine-growing part of Germany. In 1920 the two brothers, Carl and Franz Reh, started as wine merchants and became very soon some of the most important wine merchants in the Mosel area. Out of this situation the present company has been founded after the war in 1947. Until this day Franz Reh & Sohn is a 100% familiy-owned business.

The Mosel is one of the world’s most picturesque wine-producing regions, with the oxbow bends of the Mosel river and the steep slopes with the vines precariously perched on them, resulting in a charming landscape. The single vineyard site of Michelsberg is one of the most prestigious sites in the Mosel valley. It produces wine of singular concentration and complexity.

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Romantic moments

No matter whether it is the first date or the 25th wedding anniversary – the wine for particularly romantic hours shall impress and accentuate the evening. This is why a sensual wine like this is perfect…

This crisp and elegant fruity medium wine was made from grapes of the northerly vineyards along the river Mosel around the small village Piesport.

Dried fruitDried fruit



Passion fruitPassion fruit


Country of Origin / Region
Germany, Mosel


Quality Classification
Quality Wine

medium sweet

The perfect wine for summer evenings after a long, hard day


Steffan Haub

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